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Bodywork Services, Workshops, and Special Events
  • Individual Client Sessions for Horse & Rider
  • Customized conditioning programs for Horse & Rider
  • Reiki Energy Healing (for all adults)
  • Equine Guided Experiential Learning Workshops
  • Introduction to Equine Massage (for horse owners and enthusiasts)
  • Polishing your Massage Skills (for trained professionals)
Special Events:
  • On-site horse & rider bodywork at your clinic
  • On-site horse & rider bodywork at your show venue
Since 2004 I have been working with horses and riders to help them realize their personal best.
I specialize in working with performance horses and their riders.  Working on one member of the team without addressing the other member leads to incomplete results and does not provide long term improvement for either the horse or rider. 
When horses are unwilling or resistant they are communicating that something is wrong.  My unique skill set and experience enable me to understand the horse's message, develop and deliver targeted massage therapy, and provide accurate recommendations to owners / riders on how to sustain long term improvement for their horse.  

Helping Horses & Riders Feel and Perform at their Best Since 2004.
Michigan Equine Therapy provides complementary health related services, products and educational workshops throughout the Great Lakes Region.
Please Email: MichiganEquineTherapy@gmail.com
Mobile: 248.921.6322248.921.6322