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Explore the world (and yourself!) from the horse's point of view.  Equine facilitated learning is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after training and development specialties.  Experiential learning is very immediate, powerful and lasting.  Horses have survived on this planet longer than any other mammal.  Their perceptive skills, social intelligence and intuition are powerful factors in the survival of their species. Enter their world, and you will see yours very differently.
In the corporate world, equine facilitated learning is being used with executive teams to develop leadership, conflict resolution and change management skills.  Equine facilitated learning is also being embraced by the worlds of applied psychology and sociology.  Personal development and enrichment programs for individuals are exploding in North America and around the world. If you have read any of the books by Linda Kohanov such as the Tao of Equus, Riding Between Worlds, or the Power of the Herd, then you are familiar with the spirit of this invaluable and life changing work!
Michigan Equine Therapy is very proud to be expanding into this new frontier of professional and personal development.  We are currently working with two great organizations -  EquuSpirit Partnership and Horse Play2 to become proficient in this new and evolving work with the horses.  In Summer of 2014, we will be launching a number of exciting programs and events so that you can experience EFL for yourself. Please visit this site and our Facebook page often to learn the latest updates on EFL! 

Visit MedicinePony.com to learn more about Equine Guided Learning

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Michigan Equine Therapy provides complementary health related services, products and educational workshops throughout the Great Lakes Region.
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