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Welcome to Horse Wisdom 

Horse Wisdom is connecting deeply and authentically with what is true, sacred and powerful within our lives. For me, Horse Wisdom is the gift I receive from being in their presence, and learning from them how to connect to a greater consciousness. Connecting with Horse Wisdom has truly changed my life and I have seen it transform the lives of others. I invite you to explore Horse Wisdom with me and see how it can help you create the life you truly desire!

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Bodywork services for equestrians and equine athletes, click here: Michigan Equine Therapy.

For assistance with stress, overwhelm, or a life transition and are interested in equine guided learning and accessing  horse wisdom, click here: Medicine Pony.

For information on Reiki and how it can help you better manage stress, anxiety, depression or restlessness, click here.

In 2004 I left a corporate career in sales and marketing to follow my passion - working with horses.  Back then I could never have anticipated the amazing journey I would take with these wise and healing animals. It immediately became very clear that the horses were going to be influencing my development and my work.  Over the past 15 years the horses have taught me so much and have guided a marvelous and unexpected transformation of my life and career. If you would like to hear more about my story, please visit Lisa's Story.

Michigan Equine Therapy
Today I work with horses and riders, helping each body to be the most balanced, comfortable and functional expression of its potential.  I use a variety of bodywork methods that are well beyond tradtional massage therapy. In every case the client's body; whether human or animal; determines which methods and techniques will be used within the session to facilitate the best outcome.


I offer individual sessions, workshops and private programs. To learn more about my work with equestrians and equine athletes, please visit Michigan Equine Therapy by clicking on this link .

Natural Relaxation and Stress Reduction through Reiki

Horses are very sensitive beings and they quickly taught me about energy. This led me on a quest to know more and in massage school I was introduced to Reiki, a traditional Japanese method of natural relaxation. I have found Reiki to be an invaluable tool in my work with humans and animals.


I am very fortunate to study with a world renown expert in Reiki, William Rand - founder of the International Center for Reiki Training. I love teaching Reiki to others and sharing its profound healing with humans and animals. To learn more about the health benefits of  Reiki, click here. 

Equine Guided Experiential Learning Through Medicine Pony

My experiences with horses  also led me into the field of Equine Guided Experiential Learning (EGEL). We recognize the importance of re-connecting with our own internal wisdom through our connection with horses.  At Medicine Pony, the HORSES ARE OUR COACHES, providing experiential learning opportunities to individuals and small groups. Equine guided experiential  learning (EGEL) is quickly becoming the most sought after training event because it delivers profound opportunities for lasting personal and organizational transformation. I am thrilled to be a part of this industry and I have witnessed truly remarkable shifts and outcomes for EGEL clients, thanks to the wisdom of the horse.

Office In Farmingtion Hills MI

In 2018 I opened an office location to better serve clients who need care outside of the equestrian venues of horse shows and barn locations. The Collaborative Body in Farmington Hills offers a soothing, healing location for private client services that include bodywork sessions, coaching and support, and customized programs for clients to help them achieve the elegant balance they seek in their lives.


My work with clients is very comprehensive and we work together as a team to help you discover and release the restrictions and obstacles that compromise the quality of your life. Together we explore your body's unique history and language so that you are empowered to respond to its whispers rather than endure it's cries for help. 

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Please call 248.921.6322   

Therapeutic bodywork is not a substitute for appropriate medical or veterinary care.


Mailing Address: 29155 Northwestern Hwy #540 Southfield MI 48034-1011