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Rider's Seat Clinic Returns to SE MI!

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Rider's Seat Clinic Returns to SE Michigan in 2021!

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The Rider’s Seat Clinic is unlike most other clinics that you will attend.  It is not directly based in classical dressage yet the principles are in complete alignment with the foundation of correct dressage training.  Sally Swift; the creator of Centered Riding, was so impressed with Tom’s work and its effect on riders that she wrote the foreword of his book.

Tom is a martial arts expert and ZenBodywork® practitioner as well as a recreational rider.  He applies principles of Zazen and martial arts to the art of riding.  He focuses on body awareness, breathing techniques and alignment as well as activating the psoas muscle to achieve an independent seat. The result is a rider who is soft and balanced and a horse that is light and forward. 


Tom does some rider alignment bodywork with the participants during the course of the clinic and each participant receives a complimentary copy of Zen & Horseback Riding.

The Rider's Seat Clinics will be hosted by Will Davis Training Center and held at Equistride Inc. / Carole Grant's Farm in Fenton MI. (Same location as previous clinics)

Friday - Sunday September 10-12, 2021

Riders of all levels and disciplines will benefit from the development of an independent seat. Last year we had a wide range of riders from beginner through FEI level, adult amateur and professional.  Each rider came away with new knowledge, skills and body awareness making them a more secure and proficient rider.

This clinic is highly interactive  and intimate to allow for personalized and individual attention for each rider. We limit each clinic to a maximum of 16 participants.

Clinic format includes morning sessions of lecture, demonstration, floor exercises, and individual body alignment work. Afternoon sessions are small groups of riders applying the morning's lessons to riding.  Based on feedback from past riders, we have expanded this clinic to a three day format to allow for more practice, additional bodywork and floor exercises as well as additional material. We request that riders commit to attending all three days to maximize learning and integration into body awareness.

MET is thrilled to present
The Rider's Seat Clinic
International Clinician Tom Nagel

The PDF button below contains the enrollment form.
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We will reserve a block of rooms reserved at


Best Western of Hartland

Address: 10087 M-59, Hartland, MI 48353

Phone: (810) 632-7177


Ask for the 'Rider Seat Clinic' Rates.


Rooms will be held until Sept XXXXXXXX. Unbooked rooms will be released on this date.

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