Ask the Right Questions to Choose the Best Equine Therapist

Massage or manual therapy is a great way to help horses and riders feel and perform at their best. Massage is an effective and natural way to help support whole body health and wellness. It generally has very little risk, making it a safe therapy to use on your horse to maintain optimal health and potential. Equine or horse massage is a fairly 'new' profession in the U.S. It started in the late 1970's and early 80's when human physical therapists and massage therapists began applying human massage techniques to horses. Over the last several decades many horse owners and riders have come to appreciate and value the long term and immediate benefits of having their horses massaged regularly.

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This is the downloadable document that provides the questions for you to ask the Lay Up Care provider. There is also space available to list all of the instructions from your vet.  It is in Word format so that you can type in your additional questions  as well as capture all of your horse's specific care needs.

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Please call 248.921.6322   

Therapeutic bodywork is not a substitute for appropriate medical or veterinary care.


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