Is Fascial Release All Its Cracked Up To Be?

There has been a lot of buzz lately in the bodywork / massage industry about fascia and releasing fascia. There is also a lot of confusion in the public about what this is and how it differs from conventional or traditional massage. I would like to attempt to clear this up so that you can make informed decisions about your healthcare and that of your horse. First let's define our terms. Massage is the most commonly known term and to the public it can mean a variety of hands on therapies. All massage however, is not created equal and it is incumbent upon the consumer to be aware of various risks and rewards associated with each type of massage. The average person often considers massage as

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This is the downloadable document that provides the questions for you to ask the Lay Up Care provider. There is also space available to list all of the instructions from your vet.  It is in Word format so that you can type in your additional questions  as well as capture all of your horse's specific care needs.

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Therapeutic bodywork is not a substitute for appropriate medical or veterinary care.


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