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Over the years, I have learned that die-hard equestrians will do anything to remain riding, often enduring what would be unbearable pain by the standards of mere non-riding mortals. Horse people push through the pain because there are chores to get done, horses to feed and care for, and there is the pure love of being around these majestic and mythic creatures who transport us beyond our bipedal, earthbound existence. As a professional bodyworker focusing on equine athletes, I quickly learned some important things from the horses. First, helping the horse release restrictions and improve movement was only a temporary solution if other factors were not addressed. The single biggest external f

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This is the downloadable document that provides the questions for you to ask the Lay Up Care provider. There is also space available to list all of the instructions from your vet.  It is in Word format so that you can type in your additional questions  as well as capture all of your horse's specific care needs.

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Please call 248.921.6322   

Therapeutic bodywork is not a substitute for appropriate medical or veterinary care.


Mailing Address: 29155 Northwestern Hwy #540 Southfield MI 48034-1011