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 Spiritual Awakening

 Growth and Healing


Through Equine Guided Experiential Learning
 & Reiki



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We are an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life on the planet by helping people become more authentic versions of themselves.

We believe re-connecting with nature and our fellow species is the first step in fully understanding our true nature and regaining clarity around our identity and purpose.

This personal awareness creates clarity that allows us to live more fully – being present and making mindful decisions that are fully congruent with our heart’s desire and our soul’s purpose.

EGL connects us to nature through the world of the horse. We rediscover our intuition and awareness. We gain clarity.

Reiki enables us to enhance our connection to life force energy or Spirit so that we can mindfully heal and grow personally and share that experience with the world around us. To learn more about Reiki, please click on this link

Together they provide an incredibly powerful platform for personal healing, growth and transformation.

Since 2014 we have offered private coaching sessions, public workshops, and custom designed training events for organizations and teams.  


Please visit the link below to learn more.

Learn more about EGEL.

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