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New Service for Humans and Animals!

Intuitive Energetics - Remote Sessions

Intuitive Energetic healing blends the best of several healing methodologies to create a unique and effective healing experience that does not require direct contact. 

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What is Intuitive Energetic Healing?

It is a safe and effective method for working with clients remotely. Using a combination of energy, intention, and an educated awareness of the body's structures and functions, IEH allows for non-contact healing. This enables me to work with clients across town, on the other side of the state, or even across the country. Travel is no longer necessary!

This non-contact approach to rebalancing the body  enables even highly traumatized individuals to receive support without having to travel or interact physically with the practitioner.  Removing physical touch allows the client to remain comfortable in their own environment.

Here's what people have to say about this service...

"After you worked on Chantilly, the top of her skull feels like one solid piece rather than a series of knobs. Her head and body also seem to have evened out so I can no longer call her big head. She’s letting me touch her head and let someone else briefly touch it too.  We finally had snow today and she didn’t snipe about her head being toweled off.

So much gratitude and many blessings to you and yours in the new year!"

- Monica K., Chicago IL 

"Hey Lisa, sorry for the delay in response. I wanted to make sure Bravo had time to adjust to his new “feel”. I finally rode him yesterday for the first time since you worked on him. He was so much quieter in the mouth while I was working him. I’m assuming that those releases associated with the hyoid and guttural pouch were affecting him in that way. Overall I felt like his body definitely flowed better."

(later follow up)
"Bravo is still doing wonderfully."

  -  Naomi R., Michigan

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