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Outwardly everything looked fine. I had a successful, challenging career with a Fortune 100 company and all that it implies: a prestigious title, a generous compensation package, and plenty of perks.  I was happily married and living in a beautiful custom home in an upscale area.  I had reached the sweet spot, the place I had been aiming for since early college years decades earlier.  Yet something was not right.
All along the path of my adult life I had battled persistent chronic illnesses ranging from TMJ dysfunction to persistent upper respiratory infections, environmental allergies, pelvic and back pain, GERD, and IBS. 


I was on a constant merry-go-round of symptom-pain-medication-repeat. At times I felt like I had a terrorist living in my body – a sleeper cell that would attack without warning and completely immobilize me, taking me out of my productive routine and robbing me of everything from enjoying simple pleasures to having peace of mind in my daily life.

And there was the nagging feeling that something was missing. I had ‘arrived’ but it wasn’t fulfilling me.  There was a sense of emptiness.  Was the conquest really more satisfying than the attainment?  Had I been tricked into believing in something that was an illusion?  Or had my values changed over time with life experience and maturity?

Along with the emptiness came a sense of restlessness, an urgent need to seek out something more.  I knew deep in my soul that what was precious and sacred within me would not survive another two decades if I continued on the current path. I knew I had to make a change, but to what? And how?


Fortunately, the circumstances of my life created a window of opportunity, a chance to leave what I knew to seek what my soul needed. Little did I know that the act of following my heart and changing careers would be the beginning of re-inventing my life in a way that brought me back to the authenticity of my childhood and embraced my soul’s true purpose. 
After a great deal of research and planning I determined that I would open a business that would enable me to work with the animals closest to my heart since early childhood: horses. That decision opened a path that I could not have comprehended at the time, and became the catalyst for a journey that has been more of a personal metamorphosis than merely a career change.

Over the past decade and a half horses have opened my heart and my broadened my awareness to all things spiritual. These teachers have taught me about being fully present and self-aware in a way that is grounding and peaceful. They have taught me about energy and personal boundaries. As I worked on them they were working on me, helping me to become a better person. All along the way the horses were quietly working their magic in transforming me and my entire life for the better, leading me to new adventures and insights and greater fulfillment.

This new awareness has enabled me to reconnect to myself deeply; learning the secret language of my body so I can hear it whisper, rather than endure its screams.


The persistent illnesses that plagued my daily life are a distant memory.


I move through my days with comfort, ease, clarity, balance and a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment. Everyone deserves this!

It is now my great privilege to help others step out onto their path; to overcome the obstacles that keep them stuck in patterns that create dis-ease, stress, pain and lack of fulfillment: to create the life they are meant to love!


I believe there is magic in following the whispers of our hearts.

I believe that when we step off the well-worn path towards our heart’s desire, help is manifested. 

I believe that when we reach for our dreams, we are lifted.


This is my wish for you in your life. 

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