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An Invitation to Transform Your Relationship With Your Horse!

Remember the passion and joy you felt when you first started riding?

Do you still feel the same way or has something changed?

Are you feeling vaguely frustrated or blocked?

Does it seem that your horse isn’t quite cooperating with you? Is something missing?


Are you looking for more from your partnership with your horse?


If you are feeling any of these issues about your current situation with your horse, please read on…


Soul to Soul: Deepening Connection & Harmony with Your Horse Partner is a new program that identifies the three major causes of relationship discord and teaches you specific skills and techniques to resolve the discord and bring joy back to your relationship with your horse.


Does any of this sound familiar?


  • Your current actions are not getting you any closer to your desired relationship with your horse.

  • You sense a lack of emotional / energetic connection between you and the horse

  • There’s a loss of joy – you and your horse are not having as much fun and success as you used to.

  • Something is missing in your relationship.

  • You believe that more is possible – you know there is the potential for a deeper more intimate connection with your horse.

  • You want to have fun riding and spending time with your horse.

  • As another riding season approaches, it is time to take thoughtful and meaningful action.


Before effective action  can take place, it is important to get very clear about what you DO want. Clarity of intention is the first step in determining the path you will take.


  • How do you want to be in partnership with your horse?

  • What do you want your daily interaction to look and feel like?

  • What do you think your horse might want from your relationship?

  • How will improving your relationship with your horse improve your life?

  • What actions are you willing to take to create the relationship you want with your horse?


Do you need help in discovering YOUR answers to these questions?


Soul to Soul: Deepening Connection & Harmony
with your Horse Partner


This program takes you step by step and helps you…


  • Identify and correct issues in the human body-mind that are limiting your effectiveness with your horse.

  • Identify and release tensions in your body and your horse’s body.

  • Understand and manage personal energy and understand energy from your horse’s point of view.

  • Learn specific skills that will enable you to become more self-aware and present on a moment by moment basis (become more horse-like).

  • Learn and apply effective practices that will enhance communication, collaboration and partnership with your horse.

  • And much more….



If you are committed to transforming your relationship with your horse, Soul to Soul will provide you with the knowledge and skills to do just that!


Soul to Soul includes 3 one hour instructional webinars, 2 one hour group coaching sessions, a complete home study guide with exercises and bonus material. Sessions are scheduled for evenings at 8pm EDT and are recorded in case you cannot attend the live sessions.


To register click the link below:


Register Here

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create the kind of relationship with your horse that you have always wanted.


Life is short, enjoy the ride!!!

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