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Customized to help you achieve your goals

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Pain Free Riding in 8 Weeks (rider only program)

This is an intensive program for serious riders who are looking to reduce or eliminate pain that is negatively impacting their riding. This program is designed to create a lasting reduction in the rider's  pain level and improvements in the ability to function at full athletic potential.  It requires a sustained commitment from the rider and not all applicants are accepted into this program.

  • private consultation 
  • assessment of rider's body (observation of body while riding)
  • goal setting based on client's goals and assessment findings
  • customized bodywork for rider 
  • customized stretch exercise programs for rider 
  • continuous progress evaluation and program modification to achieve goals
Other details:
  • After the initial consultation, bodywork appointments may take place in my office in Farmington Hills, or may occur at your location.
  • You are guaranteed a minimum of 6 body work session in the course of 8 weeks.
  • Travel fees may apply.
Body Transformation for Horses ( 8 Week Program)

This program is intended for healthy horses that are experiencing body soreness as a result of rigorous training, or are fully rehabilitated after injury/illness and are returning to full time training and require support to keep them comfortable as they develop conditioning. 

  • private consultation
  • assessment of horse's body
  • goal setting based on client's goals and assessment findings
  • customized bodywork for horse
  • stretch exercise programs for horse (these change over time)
  • continuous progress evaluation and program modification to achieve stated goals
Other Details:
  • Bodywork Session are conducted at the horse's stable - no need to transport!
  • You are guaranteed a minimum of six bodywork sessions as part of the custom program.
  • Travel fees may apply. Please inquire.
The Rider's Success System combines the best of the two programs above to create a customized program that produces synergistic  effects for horse and rider.Click here to get more info.
Horse Professionals Program
This program is intended for the competitive trainer or horse business owner who is interested in establishing a  scheduled bodywork program for horses and riders in their training and showing programs.
Regular bodywork is a competitive advantage that keeps riders and horses comfortable and performing at their peak athletic potential.
it also provides early feedback on potential risks and issues before they interfere with comfort and performance of the sport horse and equestrian athlete.
Program particulars can be customized to meet your needs and those of the clients in your care. Special incentives are available to professional trainers. Please inquire.

  • A pre-determined schedule of appointments that conveniently works around your show schedule.

  • Complete assessments of riders and horses bodies.

  • Collaborative goal setting and plan of care based on your priorities and assessment results.

  • Customized bodywork sessions for horses and riders.

  • Progress reports on riders and horses body conditions.

  • Reduced or eliminated travel fees.

  • Significant savings opportunities available with schedule committment.


Pain Free Riding 8 Weeks
Body Transformation for Horses
Horse Professionals Program
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