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Pain Free Riding in 8 Weeks

Are you finding it hard to ride as well as you used to?

Are you noticing more stiffness, lack of balance, weakness or dysfunction in your seat and aids?

Is it harder to get the desired response from your horse the first time you ask him?

Are you coping with chronic pain that is stealing the joy from your riding and making it hard work?

Imagine the freedom and ease of swinging your leg over the saddle, settling down gently and comfortably in the seat, and riding without pain or discomfort. Imagine having the strength, flexibility and suppleness to ride for hours with ease and comfort, having your horse moving fluidly and harmoniously with you as a connected and willing partner.

If these images seem like an impossible dream, please read on.

I have noticed that my success rate in dramatically reducing my clients’ pain is close to 100%. That’s a lot better than many of the other options out there!

But this only works when they follow a specific sequence of events I call
Pain Free Riding in 8 Weeks.

I love seeing these results. They are life-changing for my clients and their horses!

So I am going to be opening up a new service where the SOLE FOCUS is to take my clients through Pain Free Riding in 8 Weeks, to help them get rid of pain FOREVER.

If you’re still dealing with chronic pain and feel like nothing helps, you sound like many of my clients who stuck with the program and got 100% out of pain.

Click in the link below to register for my free webinar.

I have helped so many riders who thought they could never get pain free. Do you want to be next?

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