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Improve Your Riding in 3 Days

The Rider's Seat Clinic is an extraordinary clinic because it helps riders of all skill levels get better.

It doesn't matter whether you ride hunt seat, dressage, or western pleasure, you can become more comfortable, secure and confident in the saddle.

Tom's clinic is unlike any other you may have attended before. He teaches you how to use your body more consciously and effectively so that you can apply what you learn both in and out of the saddle.

Tom draws on his extensive experience as a martial arts practitioner and advanced Zazen bodyworker to teach riders how to consciously use the psoas (pronounced so-as) muscle that is the true core of the body to help achieve relaxed stability. This helps create connection, comfort and confidence. Tom also shares numerous body alignment, breathing and energy techniques that help rider's gain more awareness of their bodies and how to achieve a balanced seat.

Here's what past participants have had to say about this event:

“The best part about the clinic for me was bringing the body awareness to the forefront. Tom was a very passive instructor, but kept my attention 100% of the time. I have been able to implement the scoop, and bilateral use of the seat bones methods into my own riding, and last week taught 25 lessons and made improvements to all horses and riders!! That totally amazes me!!” – Sue Machin, Professional

“I most enjoyed the unique format with lecture and riding. This provided the non-riding participants with a lot more information than you get from watching riding. Getting the book was really good as well as being able to do the floor exercises. The fact that the riders were asked to share what they felt while riding helped those that could not ride.”

- Irene Coermann, Adult Amateur

“This clinic was very productive and I highly recommend it. Tom is a modern-day Sally Swift. The principles Tom teaches are not only valuable to improve riding; they also apply to life in general. When you breathe vertically and ride vertically, you are riding correctly and it’s almost a form of meditation.”

- Monique Molnar Bates, Adult Amateur

"Scoop" and the "Vertical C" have been great visuals for me and terms that seem to translate well for students. Using my breath in a conscious way has opened up a new level of subtlety and precision in half halts and transitions.

Tom's suggestions for using "pushing" with horses rather than "pulling" validated and explained the already known correct connection of thumbs pushing softly toward the bit and steering from the outside of the horse not pulling from the inside, but having a clear reason for these methods makes them easier to remain true to.

Tiny oscillations in the rider's body help to unlock the horse's movement.

I hope this amazing clinic can be offered again.

- Rebecca Bastianelli, Professional

“I personally have been working on what I have learned and find I need to reference Tom’s book. If anyone did not get both his books I highly encourage that. My horses are so happy with my new seat and position!! I can already feel improvement with all my horses in their transitions. Also my sensitive mare is much more willing to use her back since riding with Tom Nagel.” – Tonya Grant, Professional

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